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FRUUG Library

The FRUUG library consists of a wide range of review copies that are donated by our publisher friends with the understanding that we'll give them feedback on what we like and dislike about their books in the form of book reviews... and of course they'd like you to enjoy perusing their books and eventually buy a copy of your own. In fact, they'd be so happy for you to have their books that they've created a special discount program for FRUUG members. We have titles covering contemporary operating systems, network and systems administration, Internet topics, programming languages, and conference proceedings. We're very grateful to our publisher affiliates for making this library system possible, including:

For information on the latest books we've received for the FRUUG library, check out our current meeting announcement page.

Checkout Rules

If you are a FRUUG member, you are welcome to check out a book at one meeting so long as you return it by the next meeting. Your business card is your FRUUG library card; please put the date of the meeting and the title of the book on the back of the card so that we can track you down when it's overdue. Be sure to give your card to a FRUUG executive committee member before you leave, and be sure to get your card back from one of us when you return it.

If you're looking for a book that's not in the library, perhaps it's on our overdue book list. This is where we list FRUUG members that have books that are overdue by at least one meeting. If we're mistaken about your book being overdue, please send some e-mail to gaede at, and we'll be sure to take you off the list. If we're not mistaken, beware that our overdue book list is indexed by the major search engines, so just think what your relatives will find if they search for your name!

FRUUG Library Merit Badge Program

Our publisher friends have been reminding us that the books they donate to FRUUG are technically review copies, meaning that they give them to us in hopes that we provide them with feedback that they can use internally, or if your comments are particularly colorful, in their advertising. We need to start giving back to the publishers that support us in the form of book reviews.

To make it more attractive to our members to write book reviews, we've instituted the FRUUG Library Merit Badge program. Once you've written a single book review, you're an official, lifetime merit badge holder with all of the rights and privileges thereof.

And what are those privileges? Just about every month, our publisher friends send us extra copies of one book or another, and we make them available for give-aways. Once you're a FRUUG Library Merit Badge holder, you can enter these giveaways on our Web site and pick up your book at the next meeting.

How the Program Works

The program is pretty simple, and here's how it works:

  • Giveaway Books We keep an ordered list of FRUUG Library Merit Badge holders, and each time you receive a book giveaway, we put you at the end of the list, so everybody gets a chance to win a book. When we close a book giveaway before a FRUUG meeting, we allocate the giveaway book(s) first by your position on our list, and second by the time you signed up for the giveaway.

  • The First Time You Review A Book you trump everyone on the list and have your choice of:

    • Keeping the book you review. Yes, you review it, you get to keep the book!
    • Choosing any book from the FRUUG Library. You may choose to browse and keep any book from the FRUUG library. We prefer not to give away the UNIX and Linux System Administrator Handbooks as these are particularly good references to keep in the library.
    • Pick up a $20 Gift Certificate from SoftPro Books in Boulder or Denver. If more than one person per month selects this option, you'll be put in the queue to get the next one we receive (we get one per meeting).

How to Submit a Review

A book review can be as short or as long as you wish, but please give some constructive feedback to our publishers. Was the information presented in the book clear, accurate, and written to the right audience? What parts did you find particularly useful, and why? If they were to expand the book or publish another one on a similar topic, what would you like to see in it?

To submit a book review, please send an e-mail to gaede at and we'll forward it on to the right people. Please include the following items:

  • Your Name
  • Your E-Mail Address
  • Book Title
  • Publisher's Name
  • ... and of course your comments

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February 2008: FRUUG Enters Quiescent Phase
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