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Table of contents

PowerPoint Presentation

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT)

Outline for today’s presentation

VoIP—What is it?

Buzz words

VoIP Advantages

Pre-deployment considerations

Quality of Service (QoS) issues

QoS issues, continued

VoIP review

Phone basics

Data port on phone

Powering the phones

VoIP – a typical migration

VoIP vs. traditional PBX

System redundancy

System administration

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Phone feature comparison

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Slide 21

Slide 22

Voice Mail (VM) and Unified Messaging (UM)

Unified Messaging (UM) – what is it?

UM benefits:

DYA: Define Your Acronyms

PBX system we left

Current system life

PBX-based voice messaging

Initial IPT at NCAR

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Slide 32

99 boxes of phones in the warehouse…99 boxes of phones…

Plus switch upgrade gear….

Current state of deployment

Slide 36

IPT application servers

End state of deployment

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“Lessons Learned”(or what we might have done differently)

General recommendations

What we like now

What users like now


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Author: Jeff Custard