Life after Make - Building Software with SCons

Audience survey

What's wrong with Make(1)

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What's Wrong with Make(2)

What's Wrong with make(3)

What's wrong with autoconf/automake (1)

What's wrong with autoconf/automake (2)

What is SCons? (1 of 2)

What is SCons? (2 of 2)

Example: C program

Example: 2 C programs

Scons Architecture

Build Engine

Build Engine Components

Example: Multiple languages

Example: Library build

Example: customizing SCons for a 40 directory project

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Example: Building with subdirectories

Example: define library and include dependencies

Example: specify package dependencies

Verifying a header file exists

Verifying Qt libraries and header files

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Example: Java application

Example: Fetching files from CVS

Example: Variant build

SCons: Design principles

Strengths of SCons

Weaknesses of SCons

SCons: Team

SCons: Reference projects


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