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<< April 2001 >>

As report by xmlhack :
Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, IBM to merge under aegis of W3C
RDF Interest Group gets IRC channel
SOAP shorts
Redfoot steps forward
W3C XML Schema PR revised
OASIS release DOM Level 1 conformance tests
New XSLT Standard Library (XSLTSL) requests participation
New XForms requirements
XTM in quest for a new home
When XSLT gets (more) extensible
XHTML 1.1 reaches Proposed Recommendation
New Media Queries, Intro to CSS drafts
JXUnit applies XML to unit testing
XSLT 1.1 Cancelled, Working Group moving directly to 2.0
XML Pacific call for papers
RDF Calendaring list gets underway
Scientific American features the Semantic Web
XSLT IDEs from ActiveState
XQuery prototypes unveiled
Modularization of XHTML reaches Recommendation
MSXML 4 Preview appears
XML interest day at AusWeb'01
New technology area at XML Europe 2001
W3C now a 'standardization' organization
CSS2 selector demonstrator
Updates for Perl XSLT modules
Adobe ships SVG Viewer 2.0, promises wide distribution
SOAP::Lite adds XML-RPC support
Beta testers needed for Ipedo XML database
OASIS CFP for eXtensible Access Control Markup Language
Ozone comes of age
Rethinking TopicMaps.Org
Work moves forward on RDF media type
Toward a happy end for the Sun/XPointer saga?
A Noble Effort
Test Those Transforms!